Team TLC Christmas Movie Suggestions

We have many movies that we watch every November and December. I’ve put this list together in the hopes that you find a sweet gem of a movie you had not known about. We tend to enjoy a combination of the classic black and white movies along with modern classics. As well as Lillian’s love of the “Barbie” movies. Here ya go!

I’m still adding to this list as I found a few we haven’t seen yet! So excited! If we enjoy them, I’ll come back and add to this! They’re all oldies!

Although these are links to the movies on Amazon, most of these can be found at local libraries. That’s where we get our movies! I really like the images rather than just plain text for the movie. And, also, these are Amazon affiliate links. Which doesn’t mean anything other than if you click through to Amazon to read more about a movie AND you decide to purchase something, we earn a few cents.

Let us know your Christmas movie suggestions. We love learning about great movies!!


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