Light Bulb Moment and Squishy Things


April 27 2015:

On the way to Lillian’s Craniosacral therapy appointment we were discussing music. She mentioned that Hawaiian music is relaxing. Then she had a lightbulb moment. We have been discussing relaxing techniques for Lillian with therapists.

In that moment she realized that she could listen to beautiful Hawaiian music when in need of some calming! YAY Lillian for making that connection. My eyes almost sweated in joy for her. Beautiful and inspiring moment.


One for each of us. Thank you Christine McBride, CT and OT, for taking all I shared about Lillian and asking if anyone had mentioned SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder). So many things are making sense now. Plus the realization that Thomas has some of this going on big time! YAY for squishy things!

Squishy Things 4.27.15

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