Untamed – Putting Words to Our Wild

May 8 2020

A couple of weeks ago, I won this book. It just arrived!!! I’m SO EXCITED to read this one! Gorgeous cover too. Thank you, Christy!!!

I marked one page. Attaching a photo of it.

I am not a religious person, yet, this Walt Whitman quote has always been a powerful one for me. I grew up in the Deep South (of the U.S.), and have had to unlearn much that insults my soul and knowing. There’s much that permeates the culture due to beliefs, discounting the knowing of our hearts. On the flip side, there’s much I love about the culture, having grown up there, with my ancestors being from there.

I love this book, for being about the truth of having lost our spark, being numb to life, for standing up for not discounting what we feel from our knowing, for putting words to our wild, for declaring, “I am a goddamn cheetah!”

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