Memories: Millennium Tahiti Cruise With Aerosmith and Billy Idol While Touring Great Britain With a 1976 Mississippi State Map

November 16 2020

Haven’t found the 45 record yet. But, finding all kinds of fun stuff. That time I WON a 12 day Tahiti cruise! Not only that. The Millennium cruise. That. Was. Fun. 🎉🎉🎉

Still haven’t found it. But, think I’ve figured out why I’m half deaf and have neck problems. 🤣😂🤣 And, why do I still have these? 😳

I actually have very little memory of being at each of these concerts. So, a good thing I’ve got the receipts. 🤣😂🤣

I actually didn’t get to see much of the INXS concert! The folks I went with were determined to find a way to sneak backstage, and we spent most of the concert trying to find a way. Crazy Fools! Hahahaha!

I just remembered that I loved The Cult, too. I’m almost positive I saw them in concert …

… This was one of my favorite songs. Loved dancing to this one!

I could have sworn it was with all these other “memories”. No luck yet. But found the mementos from the trip to England and Scotland in 2000. That trip was a mixture of fun, beauty, awe, and stress. The person I traveled with assumed they’d be able to easily drive us around!!! 😳😱😳 I was tasked with navigating and didn’t get to enjoy the scenery. Overall, it was amazing, though!

Okay. The 45 record was not in my little wooden chest of treasures. However, if anyone’s looking for a 1976 Official Highway map for Mississippi, I’ve got you covered. WTF?! 😛

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