Throwback Post: Let Them Learn – Get Out of Their Way


(Photo of Thomas and Lillian from 2013)

May 20 2013:

I absolutely make sure to catch myself when I’m about to say “No” or “Don’t do that”. I’ll either say “Sure” or Go right ahead”. I feel this is one way our children can learn about cause and effect. As long as they aren’t going to get badly hurt, I let them do stuff so they LEARN!

I have more drawers and cabinets in my kitchen with “garbage” for them to play/experiment with than “typical” kitchen crap! My house is usually a mess. We have rocks all over, half made projects/experiments, trucks, cars, sparkly stuff and who knows what else.

I will sit my bottom down outside with them and watch the sunset and read a book with them before I waste that precious time pulling more weeds! (Although, Mr. T LOVES helping me pull weeds. It’s amazing how fast and healthy weeds grow even with NO water!)

We have a clean up hour (or more) every Sunday to straighten things and clean.

March 23 2021 Update – It appears this was written in response to a message I had received from someone after they read my first book, D iz for Different – One Woman’s Journey to Acceptance”. 

I fondly remember everything mentioned in this post. I am deeply grateful to 2013 Camilla for how she chose to parent and live. As with Thomas and Lillian being 15 and 19 years old now, those times are no longer. At the time it seemed it would be like this forever. It went quick! 

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