Throwback Post: A Potential New Team TLC Casa


September 20 2013:

How’s this for the view for the potential new Team TLC Casa? Similar view we have now …. tad different angle. About 5 minutes from here and a little closer to the freeway! Just looked at it a few days ago and the beautiful owner’s sister bought one of my books when we met her to look at it, they’ve offered to lower the rent by $60/month without me asking and when I looked at it again today without T & L so I could concentrate, I drove off with a new cool jacket she felt compelled to give me! I’m so HappY with me when I allow myself to receive with the knowing that I deserve it!

March 26 2021 Update: We did not end up getting this place. I can’t remember exactly why. But, I think I waited a tad too long to let them know and they rented it to someone else. It was a very cool experience, though!

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