Ignorance is Bliss – Well, Not Always

June 27 2021

When I find that I’m ignorant about a topic, or life hands me that topic into my own life, I educate myself. It has been a journey of deep diving and learning since I stepped onto that airplane in December 2006, and left my marriage. It was not merely a flight from Seattle to Reno, it was the flight to myself.

Ignorance is bliss … Well, not always. Ignorance can be selfish, ignorance can be hurtful to those you love, to yourself, and to your fellow humans.

The more we learn, the more we explore, the more we experience, it can certainly shift our perspective, our lifestyle. Especially when we have been brought up to believe that certain ways of living and believing are wrong. It’s only when we educate ourselves, and open our heart and mind to others that we come to know the absurdity of many of the “wrongs” we were taught as children.

At my 19 year old daughter’s urging, I’m stepping out of my comfort zone, being vulnerable, with worries that I may get this wrong in some way. Staying in my comfort zone keeps me “safe”, allowing me not to commit to anything, or anyone.

She feels that I should share what I’ve come to know about myself. I’m the one who taught her to always be herself, and not to worry about what others think.

Three years ago I realized I needed to educate myself about the LGBTQ+ community. I mistakenly believed it didn’t involve me. That changed when someone very close to me shared that they are a part of this community.
Lillian has the guts and courage for being herself, and for letting others know who she is, no matter what. Up until I had reached my mid 40’s, I hadn’t the courage to speak my mind. Lillian inspires me. If she can do it, so can I … Follow the link to read further …

Pride Month 2021 – I Support You and I Am With You

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