Ninety Minutes of Pure Bliss With New Additions

May 21 2021

Have you ever had your face, jaw, and ears massaged? I highly recommend it. Home from 90 minutes of pure bliss by way of a massage. I shall now melt into the kitchen to make dinner. I’d rather melt into a hot shower and soak, followed by melting into the couch. But that will have to wait until after dinner.

…. And scalp, and fingers, and toes, and butt …. That was such a glorious massage ….

June 3 2021

Lillian and I are just back from a walk. We found a ping pong table! I love ping pong! It’s been years since I’ve played. Bocce ball court is finished, too. And I took a photo of the chess table that Thomas and I discovered Tuesday night.

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