Throwback Post: Subbing With Fresh Veggies Traveling to Vegas While Eating Outdoors with Agatha Christie


September 5 2014:

Oh my gosh what a fun afternoon!! I got to sub in Candeleria today … with some FUN 1st-3rd graders! What a GREAT day as it was Community Gathering day. First one of the year and that meant all teachers and aides performed … showing off their talents! Oh my goodness! They were fabulous! Singing, dancing, juggling, ice bucket challenge, belly dancing with a sword … YES! A real sword! Goodness! What an amazing school with talented staff!! Wheeee!


Look what came in the mail today. Scott A. Sabraw and Stephanie Stokes … Your pictures have arrived! Thomas will sign each and we’ll get them out ASAP. He will start his computer class next Thursday! Carolyn R Smith: Got a surprise for you!


September 5 2013:

Look at this beautiful bounty from my friend Brenda! YUM! So blessed and grateful!


September 5 2011:

. . . And we’re off . . . Watch out Vegas!! The Romano duo and their Team TLC sidekicks are on their way!!


September 5 2010:

Having a picnic lunch with Thomas & Lillian. Weather is just perfect.


September 5 2009:

Settling in for Agatha Christie’s “And Then There Were None” Movie! I love the oldies! Could someone bring me some popcorn?!

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