Sweater Burning with Boiled Peanuts

December 2 2021

I did NOT catch my fire on sweater while cooking dinner tonight. 😳 Just posting a Public Service Announcement to remind everyone not to wear loose hanging clothes while using a gas stove. 😂 Also, I will wear this ratty old sweater until it falls apart. It has a few holes, the tassel looks like crap, and for some reason there are burn marks on it now. 😁😁😁 My brain just decides to go on vacation randomly, very often lately!

Thomas was in the kitchen with me, had just turned his back to face the sink. He says, “I turn my back on you for a minute, and you’re catching yourself on fire.” When did he become the adult??

December 3 2021

Boiled peanuts are basically a food group down South. I was raised down South, Mississippi and Louisiana, so I’ve been missing out on this food group since leaving the south in 1990.

We usually ate them fresh, but when we didn’t have fresh, this is what we ate. A gift received from my daddy yesterday. I immediately popped the lid, promptly eating an entire can by myself. I predict these will not last long.

Many folks ask what they taste like. The closest I can compare it to are chickpeas/garbanzo beans straight out of the can. Nearly the same texture, and flavor is similar (to me, anyway).

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