Pernicious Anemia Update – Camilla Downs

August 27 2022

I cannot believe what I had accepted as my new normal over the past few years. I didn’t feel like I had the time, the energy, or the brain capacity to figure out what my issue was. My personality type is just keep going, no matter what.

To say I feel much better is an understatement. Two weeks ago I received a B12 injection every day for a week, plus a 3 hour long iron infusion (as I also had iron deficiency anemia). I had one shot last week (yesterday) and will have one a week through mid-October, then switching to once a month.

Pre-diagnosis it had gotten to the point that I could barely do anything. I forced myself to do the bare minimum, especially the last 6 months. My hand strength had gotten very weak, my feet hurt, my hands hurt, everything hurt, severe brain fog, I was having difficulty with word recall (couldn’t remember the word for things in conversation), I was out of breath after doing the slightest task, light headed.

Last week I had …


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