Throwback Post: Crochet Chain with a Breakfast Burrito


January 19 2015:

Lillian’s big Christmas gift was that I’d learn to crochet so I could teach her …. With a deadline of January 31st for beginning my learning. Finally started today. This is also a great lesson in patience.

Okay. Got the crochet chain and the single crochet basically figured out. My mammaw Mann taught me how to crochet when I was young, but I didn’t stick with it so forgot how to do it.

What I have learned for sure this time around is that Lillian will have to start with something much simpler … like just using her fingers as her motor skills aren’t ready for this! Did some searching and found an article of things to start with in teaching knitting or crocheting to a special needs child. YAY!! Took 30 minutes of searching and changing up the search query.

So we will start with winding yarn into a ball, then winding around objects and then winding around a homemade loom (what I found in the article). When she masters these we can then move to finger knitting. THEN, trying it with crochet hooks! Whew!


January 19 2013:

Best breakfast burrito I’ve ever had at Keys Cafe in South Lake Tahoe!!! YUM!!! Team member C got away for the weekend …. YAY!!! Miss Team Member T & L but this is awesome!!

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