Throwback Post: Christmas Eve Throughout the Years


December 24 2014:

Thomas said, “Oh, I forgot to tell you something else I did this year. One of the 1st graders told me it wasn’t important that he had graduated from kindergarten and was now in the 1st grade. I told him that it was important, cause now he knows all kinds of things he didn’t know before. That made him happy.” This young man blesses me constantly with the gift of lifting my heart and helping me see the light of love. May we all take the opportunity to bless those in need of light and love … xoxo


December 24 2013:

Team TLC colored Cooties and domino time at The Romano Casa … It’s smelling good in here! YUM!

Team TLC and The Romano Duo special movie night together ….

December 24 2013: Infinite smiles, hugs, and love from Team TLC …. We are grateful and blessed by love … Have fun y’all … Give thanks, be merry and rock around the Christmas tree! xoxo (Picture taken at The Romano Casa tonight)


December 24 2012:

I am a blessed woman … Thomas served me breakfast in bed this morning! Had to dish out some tough love to the little man last night right before bed … Grateful he’s a part of my journey!!


Good Golly!! Lobster, prime rib, salad, roll, baked potato and Champagne …. Here’s to The Romano Duo and here’s to love!! <Clink>Yum, Yum!!

Merry, Merry, Happy, Happy!! May we all choose the path of self love. It is through self love that we can truly and deeply love others and in return authentically receive love. Keep on Spreadin the HappYness and Love Y’all!! -Team Member C, Team TLC


December 24 2011:

Pretty darn grateful for HEAT this morning! Awoke to a frozen heater with it 10˚ outside!! All is well, it is thawed now and I’m beginning to feel my toes again! I was grateful to be INSIDE a house where it was at least 55˚!! Thank you Ted for fixing it!


YUM!!! Cheers y’all! Hope all y’all are having a warm and toasty evening with those you love!

Here’s to happiness, joy, peace and all the abundance in the world . . . {Thanks Frank Romano for one of the yummiest Christmas Eve prime rib dinners EVER!!}

Twas the Night Before . . . Sleep well y’all!


December 24 2010:

We really made a big ole mess . . . and, oh, made a Gingerbread house too! What a mess! It’s times like this that solidify why I’m no artist or baker!! Hahahaha!

And here’s the result! Not bad!

Prime rib, baked potato, garlic cheese bread, salad and CHAMPAGNE!! Christmas Eve dinner at the Romano Casa = pure delightful!!! Here’s to us Y’all!

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