Throwback Post: Advent Calendar – Team TLC Style


December 10 2015:

The full 24 day Mindful Christmas Countdown …. May you find just the right theme day for you and your family … xoxo

Mindful Christmas Countdown 2015


December 7 2015:

Last night before I read to Lillian and Thomas we did a “laughing” mindfulness session together. This one is really easy. Everyone stands ….. and …. just starts laughing. At first the laughs are forced, yet it’s magical how the laughs become genuine belly laughs that you cannot stop once started.

I mentioned something about this activity distracting one from non-stop thoughts. We sat down to read a chapter in “Stillness Speaks” and just so happens to have been about how we spend most of our time “distracted” by our thoughts. After I had read a page, Thomas asked if I had read this before deciding to have the “laughing” session. I told him that I had not and that usually what we need to hear or see comes into our life when we are open to it. As there was also a section on boredom and Thomas had repeated several times during the day that he was bored.

I was moved to share with you two sections from the chapter we read. I just happened to be in need of this wonderful reminder too!

“If you can recognize, even occasionally, the thoughts that go through your mind as simply thoughts, if you can witness your own mental-emotional reactive patterns as they happen, then that dimension is already emerging in you as awareness in which thoughts and emotions happen – the timeless inner space in which the content of your life unfolds. The stream of thinking has enormous momentum that can easily drag you along with it.”


“When you feel bored, you can satisfy that by reading, texting, using a digital device, etc ….. Or you can stay bored and restless and observe what it feels like to be bored and restless. As you bring awareness to the feeling, there is suddenly some space and stillness around it.”

I so love it when this happens for me, and I especially love it when it happens for our whole family. I am so blessed to have chosen the path to learn and practice mindfulness, meditation, and emotional connection, and to share and facilitate this for others. May this be helpful in some way for YOU, too! xoxo


December 4 2015:

“Truly Experience Food”

The Word of the Day is “Food”

Taste a food with your eyes closed, being sure to use all of your senses to experience the food. Even better if you involve a friend and try this with a surprise food that your friend serves you while you keep your eyes closed.

Today is about savoring. Although the word of the day is food, take time today to savor any beautiful, creative, kind, love-filled, accomplishing moment you experience.

This year Team TLC is doing a mindful Christmas countdown. For the past few years we’ve done a “spreading happiness and kindness” countdown. I felt moved to add another layer to it this year. Here’s December 4th. I am inspired to share it with YOU in case you would like to adopt our “theme” for the day. Love, Sweet Love … xoxo


December 3 2015:

“The Mindful Way”

The Word of the Day is “Mindfulness”

When brushing your teeth, think only about brushing your teeth, nothing else. Focus on how it feels and tastes and smells. Try to remember to do this all day. When you wash your hands, wash dishes, brush your hair, wash clothes, wash your face, etc.

Bonus: Pay someone a mindful compliment today. This year Team TLC is doing a mindful Christmas countdown. For the past few years we’ve done a “spreading happiness and kindness” countdown. I felt moved to add another layer to it this year. My printer is out of ink and my handwriting is sloppy, sloppy but here’s December 3rd. I am inspired to share it with YOU in case you would like to adopt our “theme” for the day. Love, Sweet Love … xoxo


December 2 2015:

“Embrace the Silence”

Spend 5-10 minutes of silence focused on your in and out breath or you can do this holding a favorite rock, gemstone, or some other earthly item and focus on that item.

Also, take a few moments of silence, then repeat this prayer: “Let all beings be happy, loved, and peaceful. Let the whole world experience these things.”

The word of the day is “Silence”. Be mindful of this as you go throughout the day in knowing when it may be best to remain silent, rather than voicing your thoughts.

This year Team TLC is doing a mindful Christmas countdown. For the past few years we’ve done a “spreading happiness and kindness” countdown. I felt moved to add another layer to it this year. My printer is out of ink and my handwriting is sloppy, sloppy but here’s December 2nd. I am inspired to share it with YOU in case you would like to adopt our “theme” for the day. Love, Sweet Love … xoxo


December 19 2014:

Advent scroll called for a Christmas movie. My choice this time!

“I’m so happy. I’m as light as a feather, giddy as a drunken man.” ……. It was said he knew how to keep Christmas well.



December 12 2014:

Advent scroll called for a Christmas movie … Lillian chose this one! A magical adventure about the realization that the joy of being together is what makes a perfect Christmas!


December 9 2014:

Today’s advent scroll is a “share”

If you could have just one wish come true for Christmas, what would it be?

Lillian says her wish is for happiness and fun.

Thomas says his wish is for snow.

My wish is for maitri (loving-kindness).

Share yours if you’d like. The more people who know about it, the more people who can pray and send positive thoughts … xoxo


December 5 2014:

Today’s advent scroll … Christmas movie! Thomas chose this one. Believing is seeing. “Sometimes the most real things in the world are the things you can’t see.”


December 4 2014:

Today’s advent scroll … Picnic dinner by the tree. Cool!


December 2 2014:

Today’s advent scroll was to do something kind for yourself and to draw Christmas trees. Such joy. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thomas’ kindness to himself was to listen to his intuition. He said he was standing next to one of the 1st graders who has some struggles and felt so strongly (to the point where he couldn’t move) that he needed to say something kind to that young man. And, he did. Lillian’s kindness to herself was to pick out tomorrow’s clothes right when she got home so she wasn’t doing it at the last minute. They inspire me!


December 16 2013:

Lillian’s advent calendar scroll called for a picnic dinner by the tree! You got it!


December 3 2013:

Home early, played in the snow, had fun throwing snowballs and now having some yummy sipping chocolate and watching a Christmas movie! Lillian’s advent calender scroll for today was to email or text a friend to say “hi” and watch a Christmas movie …. She chose “Barbie’s A Christmas Carol” …… Bliss!!


December 20 2012:

Spreading HappYness Day #19 & #20 … Thomas and I went for a walk last night to look at Christmas decorations in our neighborhood. Felt so good and brought instant happYness. Tonight I helped clean up Thomas’ classroom after multi-cultural night and Thomas helped serve food. Keep spreadin it y’all. It’s contagious and hopefully there will never be a vaccine for it … It’s the HappYness Virus!


December 18 2012:

Spreading HappYness Day #18 … Took a spontaneous 15 minute drive around the neighborhood to look at Christmas decorations and Thomas spread happiness to me and cleaned the bathroom sinks!! I practiced being kind to myself!!!


December 17 2012:

Spreading HappYness Day #17 … I believe in miracles … I believe in magic … Some thoughts from me to YOU. Have a group of friends, 12 or less, that you get together with once a month, every other month, or whatever works for the group. Share your goals, your trials, your triumphs. Laugh!!! Drink wine or water or coffee! Eat good food! Commit to it!! Commit to it! Commit to it! Your life will be forever changed for the better! Love and support each other without judgment and with enthusiasm. Here’s to my WOW Sisters, My Solstice Sisters … Y’all are the flame that relights my candle when I can’t seem to find the darn matches!!! Susan Hill, Cheri Hill, Kymberlee Simantel, Emma Auriemma McKay, Jamie Cooke, Rachel Flower, Clare Rice Dreyer, Lisa Mantkus!!!!!!! Love all y’all to pieces!!!


December 15 2012:

Spreading HappYness Day #15 (Part 1) – Thomas and I had a date day while Lillian is spending time with The Romano Duo. Mr. T made a HappY message to deliver while we were out on our date. He left it on someone’s windshield. He asked, “What if someone throws it away?” I told him we can’t control what people do with kindness after we share it with them and we shouldn’t let that keep us from being kind. Frozen yogurt for lunch, craft store for some inexpensive gifts that he can make, used book store, library and a movie, Scrooge – A Christmas Story. Now Thomas is writing a song called “Peace with You and Me” which he says will change the future.


December 14 2012:

Spreading HappYness Day #14 … Team TLC and The Romano Duo watched Christmas movies and laughed. Good Golly Y’all. Laughter feels so good. I let HappYness be spread to me by being told, “We are here for you. Tell us what you need. Ask for help. We are family and family helps family.” I am so darn blessed and grateful to have my Mom and Frank.


December 13 2012:

Spreading HappYness Day #13 … Special treat after school …. the whole Team TLC each got a candy cane and we each made it a point to pick up some trash or garbage and throw it away.


December 12 2012:

Spreading HappYness Day #12 … Team TLC danced to Christmas music tonight, Thomas made Lillian a special dessert, and I made sure I told a friend how much I’m grateful to have them in my life … Rock on Y’all!


December 10 2012:

Spreading HappYness Day #10 … Team TLC each shared with one another what this time of year means to us and each of us spread some kindness in our own way.


December 9 2012:

Spreading HappYness Day #9 … We each shared a Happy Memory with one another, went for a walk and Thomas wrote more Happy Messages in the sand, they both wrote Happy Messages in the driveway with chalk and Thomas sang Christmas songs to the neighbors while they were out decorating their yards ….


December 8 2012:

Day #8 Spreading HappYness … The whole team spread HappYness all day to one another giving hugs, kisses and smiles to each other!!


December 7 2012:

Spreading HappYness Day #6 ….. I told Team Member T he had to pick up 2 out of the 3 items he had scattered over the floor playing with. While I was in the other room he cleaned the entire living room PLUS his room!! He’s good at spreading HappYness to Mama!!! Pssst: Lillian and I forgot to do ours!!! Oops!! We’ll double up today or this weekend!


December 5 2012:

Team TLC advent scroll for today, “special treat after school” … Tater tots, fries, ice cream and a partridge in a pear tree ….


Spreading HappYness Day #5 …. Thomas cleaned the entire backyard when he got home from school …. And I didn’t even ask him!!! Now that spread some HappYness to this here Mama!! Lillian says she shared kindness today at school. I shared a feel good song with a friend who needed some cheering up!! This is FUN!!


December 4 2012:

Day #4 of Spreading HappYness … Team Member T & L each said something kind to a classmate, Team Member C left a Happy Message sticky note on the mailboxes!!! The whole Team sang Christmas songs tonight in front of the fire! Bring on tomorrow!


December 3 2012:

Spreading HappYness Day #3 … Share kind words with their teachers. Thomas forgot so he told his hair stylist that she was pretty today! Thomas also gave me an early present and put on a Christmas show!!! This young man has such a kind heart … Love him up!!


December 2 2012:

Out for a very cold and invigorating walk with Team Member T …. Spreading HappYness Day #2 .. A Happy Message in the sand!!


December 1 2016:

Day 1 of Mindful Christmas Countdown – Practice Non-Judgment

Stop yourself every time you begin to judge yourself, someone else, or a situation ….

Feel what this physically feels like in your body. Is it a heavy feeling in the chest? Clenched jaws? Tightness in the stomach?

Stay with the physical feeling until it releases. Staying with it can indeed be difficult. Yet, it will definitely be worth it. When the feeling releases, focus on the in and out of your breath for 3 to 10 in and out breaths.


December 1 2015:

This year Team TLC is doing a mindful Christmas countdown. For the past few years we’ve done a “spreading happiness and kindness” countdown. I felt moved to add another layer to it this year. My printer is out of ink and my handwriting is sloppy, sloppy but here’s December 1st. I am inspired to share it with YOU in case you would like to adopt our “theme” for the day. “Find Joy, Bring Joy, BE Joy …. In everything you do today …. Take at least 5 minutes, or more, to think about a person who brings you joy. Then spend some time bringing joy to someone today … with a smile, a kind word, helping them, or whatever you feel moved to do. Word of the day is “Joy”” … On the outside of the heart with the word of the day, I wrote, “Keep this with you all day” … Thomas tucked his into his pocket. Love, Sweet Love …. xoxo


December 1 2014:

That was so sweet and fun!! Had a Team TLC candle light dinner with candles Thomas and I made and then sang Christmas songs together by candle light! Felt so good!! Their advent scrolls for today were to sing Christmas songs together and to spread happiness by sharing a happy message with someone. What a warm, fuzzy ending for the day …. xoxo


December 11 2012:

Spreading HappYness Day #11 … Team TLC sang Christmas Carols and read more of “A Christmas Carol” (the original version … this is one lengthy book) … Thomas spread HappYness at school by making a birthday card for a classmate, Lillian sent a HappY email to her new penpal (via email) in Tasmania, and I’m gonna go do something nice for myself in a few … a nice hot soak …. Keep on Keepin’ On Y’all!


December 7 2012:

Spreading HappYness for Team Member C … Posted this in a public restroom today … Watch out y’all … If you come near me, I’m gonna try to infect you with The HappYness Virus … Thank you to a sweet dear friend for spending some time with me today and helping me out of my funk!! LOVE YOU L!!!!


December 1 2012:

Let the 31 Day Spreading HappYness Tour begin for Team TLC!!! Every day this month we will perform an act of kindness. This ties in with our Advent Calendar this year also … ditching the candy … something much more meaningful this year … A fancy scroll containing a special activity to celebrate the season and a HappYness Adventure mission!! Let me know if you want to join in and I’ll share the list with you … Today’s special activity is a picnic dinner by the tree and Team TLC will be spreading kindness and happYness by making cards for the librarians and delivering with a gift basket along with some special scrolled messages too!

A Different Advent Calendar

Off for some HappYness Adventures … To the library we go with a basket full of homemade cards, special messages and candy for the librarians at South Valleys Library!! Spread some happYness y’all!!

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