Throwback Post: Successfully Infecting People with the HappY Virus


December 20 2012:

Keep on Keepin on Spreading HappYness! We have successfully infected more people with the HappY Virus!

Message I received today from someone in Canada:

“Hi Camilla! Got my book today and I’m so looking forward to curling up with my tea to read it! I also can’t believe it got here before Christmas! Hope you’re all ready for the holidays. A and I followed your lead and spread some love. We made simple treats that A could help with and she delivered them to all of our neighbours. We also delivered to an older couple up the street that we don’t really know….and their reaction warmed my heart. They were so grateful for a very simple gesture that they came to our house a few days later with a story book for my kids and to say thank you. It’s always nice to make new friends.”

**MARCH 6 2023 UPDATE** – This was about my first published book, “D iz for Different – One Woman’s Journey to Acceptance”. Go here to learn more:


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