Throwback Post: Growing a Gratitude Garden


December 1 2015:

The planting of our paper gratitude garden has come to an end. However, here’s to the feeling and expressing of gratitude continuing always!!!! Thomas: donations, salt, and sushi. Lillian: New Year’s Eve & New Year’s Day, birthdays, and art. Me: money, flexibility & patience, and hugs n kisses & snuggling n holding hands. xoxo


November 28 2015:

Gratitude = Love … And Love = Growth … Grow garden, grow!! Thomas: cranberry sauce, food, and real cars. Lillian: fairies, thanksgiving, and Christmas. Me: angels & fairies, mindfulness, and the healing properties of roots, herbs, oils, and food. xoxo


November 25 2015:

Our hearts blossom with gratitude when still ….. It’s a bountiful garden with another planted. Thomas: Thanksgiving, dates, and glasses. Lillian: money, sunset, and playing. Me: the ocean, butterflies, and gratitude. xoxo


November 22 2015:

our garden is thriving!! Lillian: movies, baths, and blankets. Thomas: books, blankets, and light. Me: peace, music, and the sun & moon. xoxo


November 14 2015:

Our garden is blooming with gratitude! Another flower planted. Lillian: glitter, water and holidays. Thomas: games, tissues and headache relievers. Me: Team TLC, mantras and life. xoxo


November 4 2015:

First flower in the gratitude garden is complete. This is fun! Thomas: Hot dogs & baked beans, festivity, and guinea pigs. Lillian: Books and food, snow and weather, and books again. Camilla: Love, terrific Thomas, lovely Lillian, and Mom n Frank. xoxo

Gratitude Garden 11.4.15 #1

Gratitude Garden 11.4.15 #2


December 3 2013:

Team TLC did it different for our November month of gratitude … I decided to change it up! We planted our very own Gratitude Garden! We each added to the tree every day. We added so much love to our tree that it became blooming full! I chose to grow our garden freestyle so we didn’t date our fruit and leaves. We just added a word or two of what we are thankful and grateful for, added our name, decorated and then “planted it”! Here is each of ours in no particular order ….. (Link in the comments if you’d like to read more)

In Gratitude … November 2013

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