Happy 18th Birthday to Thomas

November 11 2023

It’s not until the 13th, but we had our Team TLC-Roman Duo Celebration today. We had pizza and wings and Thomas chose a chocolate covered neapolitan cheesecake. Delicious!!!

Happy 18th Birthday to this amazing, wonderful, love-filled child of mine.

My favorite memory with Thomas:

It’s impossible for me to choose just one memory. My favorite times with Thomas have been when we have our once-a-month date days, going for walks in different places, going out to eat, going to the library, and window shopping at the pet stores and bookstores. I cherish the memories of our bi-weekly library trips. We had so much fun, making ordinary events into adventures.

Here’s a memory that stands out. When Thomas was about 12-years-old, we were on a walk. It has recently rained and a worm was crossing the sidewalk. Thomas gently scooped the worm, moving them to the other side so they wouldn’t get squished by walkers.

Being Thomas’s mom has absolutely changed my life. I often hear people say that their kids changed their lives. When I say it, I mean, it absolutely freaking changed my life drastically. I held many judgments against others, some I was not even aware of. Having Thomas in my life, made me aware of this, and also helped me to have empathy and compassion for others.

My favorite thing about Thomas. I can’t possibly choose one. I love Thomas’s sense of humor. They make me laugh so much, and I have a great time when we engage in conversation. We have had some incredibly amazing, deep conversations, and lots of fun ones too!

I love that I get to be Thomas’s mom. They bless me more than words could ever express.
Happy 18th Birthday, Sweet Child of Mine!!


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