Throwback Post: Party With Persimmons and Old Friends While Playing with Flour


October 24 2015:

Thomas got invited to Sophia Lee’s birthday party today. She’s our cute little neighbor upstairs. She’s turning 6 today and Thomas is 9. Interestingly, young ones just love Thomas and his company. xoxo


October 24 2014:

YUM! One of the upper el students brought me a persimmon today. I think this is the first time I’ve had one. I subbed in her class on Monday. She had one for lunch and I was asking her questions about it. She offered it then, but I told her she should eat it. She asked when I’d be back and said she’d bring me one. She remembered!


October 24 2012:

Last Wednesday I met an old friend for breakfast to catch each other up on what’s happening in our lives. I met Terry back in 2007. She began to update me on her situation. She had taken on a full time job at The Human Behavior Institute … Terry is a family/marriage therapist. Terry was explaining about PSR (psycho social rehabilitation) contract workers and what their function is as part of the team. I was looking at Terry and our eyes met as she was explaining this. She stopped and said, “Are you interested in being a contractor?” I said, “YES!”.

PSR’s work as a team with the therapist helping families .. some with special needs kids, some with children with mental health issues. These families are “broken” and need solid, loving, parenting modeled to them and guidance in understanding and accepting themselves and their children. Terry and I continued chatting just giddy with ourselves and the situation.The road had just been paved for my helping the very families that it is my purpose to help … the missing link … the road that will bring the next level of my journey! And, on my own terms as a contractor … Not an employee! Talk about WOW!!! The amazing power of controlling our thoughts just leaves me speechless and in awe ….


October 24 2011:

Flour and water adventures!! Cheap entertainment!!

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