Throwback Post: Gratitude With Kindness While Chatting and Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone


October 17 2013:

Thank you tons and tons and tons to my awesome step-father, Frank C. Romano Jr, for coming over today and fixing the light in Thomas’ room and the kitchen table chairs!! Thomas has been without a main light in his room since this summer …. the pull chain thingy came right off in my hand when I was trying to turn the light on one night! Let there be light and un-wobbly dinner chairs to place our bottoms!! Love you dude!! xoxo


October 17 2012:

Good Morning From Team TLC … Here’s to a day full of love, kindness and happiness!!!!

Just had the most amazing chat filled with so much serendipity I am literally floating … Life is AMAZING!!! Love you Terry Lowey!!


October 17 2011:

Moved the office and classroom to the park!!! Wooooohooooo!!

“If we wait till we are ready, we never do anything.” -Eleanor Roosevelt

And sometimes what we are about to step into is gonna shock the heck out of us . . . It’s uncomfortable when we first step out of our comfort zone; but what a thrill and adventure it will be . . . Let’s Go!

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