Throwback Post: Improvising to the Rescue


October 7 2013:

The Romano Duo were successfully picked up from the airport tonight! Back from their month long adventure. Had to improvise in picking them up and that made for an interesting adventure. Went to the Romano Casa to get their van and it would not start.

I have a small, small, small SUV. There are 3 seat belts in the back but only seats 2 comfortably. Before I left the Romano Casa I got in the back seat with Lillian and Thomas to make sure I’d fit back there and then I emptied everything out of the back so the Romano luggage would fit. Team TLC, The Romano Duo and a month’s worth of luggage fit!

The back was full to the top, Thomas and I each had a bag on our lap and my Mom had a bag squished in with her feet. That’s the most people and luggage that little ole car has ever seen! Thomas just loves watching me improvise! It makes him so HappY! Hahahaha!

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