Throwback Post: Life Story


October 1 2013:

Just about every night when I tuck Lillian into bed she wants to hear a “Life Story” from me. I share little nuggets about whatever comes to mind from my childhood.

Tonight I shared how my best friend from Oaklawn Jr High, Lillie Powell Salsberry, and I would sometimes go to the mall and hang out all day. We’d make a schedule of all the shops we wanted to visit.

Including the arcade, the card shop (Hallmark), lunch, maybe a movie, and the music store. Explained how we would look at all the new records and albums. Oh wait! What are those? HA! Had to describe them and what a record player is.

She says, “Oh, I’ve heard of those.” Hahaha!!! Lillie’s spitfire of a Mama absolutely hated us doing this! We were in Jr High though and we knew what the heck we were doing! HA! I loved thinking about this memory tonight!

Thank you Lillian for not letting me get away with skipping the “Life Story” ritual … I’m remembering things I haven’t thought about in years … and it’s fun …. xoxoxo

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