Throwback Post: Dessert While Subbing and Dancing With Donated Books


September 15 2015:

Afternoon birthday dessert for Lillian Darnell yesterday! We got one for Thomas too! Yum!

I get to sub in Stillwater today. Look at the amazing virtue for today, shared in morning circle. Flexibility – Affirmation – I am flexible. I keep changing for the better. I use my creativity. I welcome surprises. Love … xoxo


September 15 2014:

Our daily after dinner walk had to be postponed tonight due to the smoke. So, we had a dance party instead! Dazz Band, Aretha Franklin, and KC and the Sunshine Band … and Team TLC! ♡


September 15 2013:

It’s blurry but this is an amazing and wonderful picture … Lillian has not been able to blow out candles in the past. She blew out ALL 12 candles yesterday on the very 1st blow!! That’s why it’s blurry! I thought I was gonna get a chance to take more than one! HA!!! Wish I had got all of Thomas in the background! He was so excited for her and jumping for joy! He ran over and gave her a hug … he was so HappY for her!! Here’s a video from January 2011 of her blowing out a candle for the 1st time …. You can see how difficult it was for her! Wahooooooooo Lillian!!

The purge before packing has begun! 11 bags of books to take to Grassroots Books! Suggested to Thomas and Lillian that we each get to pack one box of books taking the rest for credit at GB and they liked the idea! This feels good! Wahoooo!


September 15 2012:

There’s nothing like a good colorful fairy tale … Team TLC Movie Night … Time for underwater adventures …


September 15 2011:

“I saw a werewolf with a Chinese menu in his hand” . . . Team TLC couldn’t take it any longer, listening to Halloween music and getting out just a few decorations . . . AWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


September 15 2009:

Just back from Lillian’s bday celebration at school! I arranged for Ashton the Magician to perform for them! They loved it! I love being around kids when they are laughing so hard like that & completely in awe of his tricks!! Thanks Linda McLean for that connection!!!!

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