Throwback Post: Garden with Spa Day and Smoky Sunset


August 25 2014:

Just had a wonderful release this morning! Almost nothing like connecting with feelings, letting the flood gates open (aka eye sweating like crazy) and feeling the weight being lifted! Thank you to myself and to Dee Wallace!! Right after the eye sweating stopped, I received an email asking if I was available to sub a few days at HDMS. Did I tell y’all I got licensed to be a Nevada substitute teacher? Then I received an email that I’d been selected as a PAID writer for Smart Mom blog. Wahoo!! Bring it on! I AM that girl! Sending waves of love through the digital World!


I was whisked away to a beautiful, tranquil garden this afternoon. This is the amazing preschool/kindergarten garden at HDMS. Was my first time seeing it … WOW! What a beautiful space for kiddos to learn and grow!


August 25 2013:

Thoroughly enjoying my alone time! Having a home made Spa Day at the TLC Casa …. Long Reiki session, then a long soak in a hot tub with lavender and my coffee and water right next to me, then an amazingly refreshing Mudpot mask (100% natural clay from Black Rock Desert … Thanks Amanda Thiebaud Horn), then Fiji water and a lavender infused neck wrap. Last, the chef made me grits and toast with some almond milk! I give it 10 stars out of 10! Thanks to The Romano Duo for having Thomas and Lillian for a sleepover last night! Ahhhhhhhhhhh! I feel amazing!!!!

By sunset last night the smoke seemed to have cleared a tiny bit ….. Not so much now. Glad I stood outside for a few minutes last night during the short clearing!


August 25 2012:

Did y’all know there’s a video journey to accompany the “D iz for Different” book? It’s just 8 views short of hitting 200 views! I invite y’all to watch it … even if you don’t have the book or don’t even want the book … it may give you a little boost of motivation! Thanks tons and tons for everyone’s support!

Look where I got to have dinner tonight? Thank you Donna Holland and Phil … What a beautiful night, gorgeous view, yard and garden …. filled with delicious food & wine … and a night full of laughter and fun!! It was PERFECT … and Thank YOU Glenna E Smith for being there too and for bringing your niece over to hang out with T & L!! I LOVE y’all and am so grateful to have y’all in my life!!!!


August 25 2011:

Just had my Welcome Call from Lillian’s case manager for special education at her new school – Nevada Connections Academy! WOW! This just keeps getting better and better! We talked about Lillian’s strengths, weaknesses and interests. Lillian will have 4 Live Lessons a week with her regular ed teacher and one Live Lesson a week with her spec ed teacher! The adventure begins next Monday y’all!


Grandma is treating Team TLC to dinner!!! YAY!!!!

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