March 16 2012: Home and Airplane and Love

Time for Thomas to come home today! His two weeks vacationing with The Romanos has come to an end. I’m so happy and grateful he got to have this vacation with them and to have them all to himself.

Thomas about to board the airplane in Vegas!

Before heading to the airport Lillian and I packaged an iPhone and two cases for Turning Views Foundation’s next Gift A Voice recipient. Karen, a grandma in Michigan, who just had to have her vocal cords removed due to cancer. She needs a way to communicate with her grandkids!!

Mr. T getting off the airplane in Reno. Happy Happy Confident Team Member T!

They just had to do some painting tonight!

Thomas went on and on about how much he loved me and Lillian. He said we should take pictures of each other to remember this night and how much he loves me. Here’s the shot he took of me. Tried three times and this is the best. Very hard for this little guy to stand still long enough to take a non blurry picture!!

Here’s some of him giving me a “hug”!

Thomas wanted me to take his picture upside down! Sure! Here ya go!

And, before bed he made me a card too!

The inside is Thomas and I holding hands!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Team Member T so much my heart could almost burst and spew lava love all over the place!!



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