April 10 2012: Yoga and Art and Dinner Conversation

Thomas and Lillian were thrilled to sleep in the tent (in the living room) last night! I didn’t have the money for us to go anywhere for Spring Break, so I decided to create our on fun and go camping in the living room!

They attended YogArt Camp today at Kids n Art from 9-12! Thomas is on spring break this week so thought this would be fun for both of them. They loved it. Mr. T had to have a time out. He decided to make better choices after that.

They did some yoga, painted flower pots and planted little pansies in their pots. So cool!

Thomas and I went for a walk later in the afternoon. Wow! That wind is a blowing out there! Then it was time for Hallway Ball!! We love closing all the doors in the hallway and having a “ball” throwing, kicking and hitting the ball to one another. Sure the smoke alarm is dangling from the wires and the thermostat cover has fallen off by the time we are done sometimes …. but we have FUN!

Lillian took a nice long bath while Thomas and I ate dinner.

Dinner conversation with Thomas:

Did you know you could grow seaweed? Wanna grow some? We can also make our own salt by putting ocean water in a jar. The water will evaporate and leave salt behind.

I want to be a scientist when I grow up. I wanna study human beings and animals. I bet scientists are trying to figure out how to help people survive in really cold weather. Did you know there’s a frog that can stay alive when they freeze? Their body fills with flucose (think he meant glucose??) and when they thaw they are still alive. I bet they are studying those frogs to learn how to help us.

Where is it the coldest in winter time? I said Alaska and he said the South Pole. Then he said he bets they use helicopters to explore the South Pole instead of airplanes cause helicopters are smaller and can go slower.

After dinner Thomas and I played with his Lego Space Aliens which included much laughter and silliness from both of us! Perfect!

Read books to both of them and tucked them into the tent for some sweet camping dreams!!



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