April 17 2012: Therapies and Acting and Drawing

Thomas earned his green card today! YAY!

Thomas went to Geiger Way Lookout with his dad while I took Lillian to therapies. It was a bit too windy for them so they didn’t stay long.

Lillian did great at her therapies. Making lots of progress climbing stairs and walking on the treadmill.

Thomas had great fun at acting class today. Took this close up shot of him when I picked him up! Fun, Fun!

After dinner Thomas and Lillian did some drawing! Thomas illustrated a story. He had me sit on the couch and then he narrated the story to go along with the illustrations. Title is “Fire Island”. What a GREAT kid!!

Lillian made a Team TLC drawing and also drew a picture of the sparkly sky blue dress she’d like to have.

So grateful to have these two precious people in my life!


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