April 21 2012: Dirt and Water and Bubbles

Today was a stay at home play day! YAY! Love puttering around the house while Thomas and Lillian are playing and entertaining themselves.

Lillian showed me this great picture in one of her books. I said “Wouldn’t it be nice to have a yard like that?” She says, “We Will!” YAY Lillian! She DOES listen to me and soak it in!! 🙂

We spent some time outside today. What a GREAT day! Played in the dirt, played in the water, blew bubbles, and played in the sprinkler!

Grilled hot dogs for dinner … YUM! Then we had our Team TLC movie night with candy and popcorn. Before Thomas and Lillian went to dream land on their pallet (they get to camp out in the living room on Friday and Saturday nights), we went outside to listen to the night sounds and look at the sky and stars. Ahhhhhhhh!


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