April 8 2012: Aliens and Weaving and BBQ

Team TLC had a GREAT Easter Sunday! Thomas spent the morning putting together his Alien Abduction Lego set and Lillian went to work weaving her first project!! She LOVED this! She likes doing just about anything that involves using her hands …. painting, glueing, drawing and now we know, weaving too!

We made the drive to Washoe State Park for the Pleasant Valley Easter Egg Hunt and Barbeque. We got there 30 minutes late though and they were just finishing up the egg hunt. The BBQ items were for sale and I mistakenly thought they were part of the celebration … didn’t have any money with me. Thomas was VERY disappointed. Fortunately, I was able to turn that around for him. I pointed out that we got to enjoy the drive there (which is beautiful) and pointed out for him the beautiful views. We drove around to a different spot and threw rocks in the water for a while. Then we decided to have our own Team TLC BBQ. Picked up some chicken thighs on the way home and cooked some hot dogs and chicken for us!

GREAT day!!


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