May 3 2012: Special Lunch and Bananas and Chocolate

Lunch adventures for Team TLC! We were treated to lunch by Kathy and Caitlin Fuetsch. They did such a fabulous job with the food. I met Kathy and Caitlin at the Vino for Voices fundraiser in March 2011. They saw the news story that aired about the Gift a Voice project and reached out to connect with me. Caitlin, whose in her 20 something’s had a stroke a couple of years ago and now uses an iPhone with Proloquo2Go to communicate. Kathy is Caitlin’s Mom … two beautiful women who I am blessed to know!

Caitlin texted Lillian asking what she liked to eat. Lillian sent a good long list of all the foods she likes so that the girls would have lots of choices. These two made just about everything on Lillian’s list! What a treat! Fruit salad with strawberries, pineapple, watermelon and mango. Chicken burger patties, gluten free buns, gluten free pasta, regular and sweet potato fries, and apple juice!

During our lunch visit at the Fuetsch Casa, Caitlin typed in something to say to me and pressed speak. I was blown away because I could hear it clearly and ALL throughout the house! Kathy bought a Jawbone JAMBOX (Red Dot) (amazon affiliate link) for use in the house and it is AMAZING!!! Kathy can even hear it when she’s upstairs and Caitlin is downstairs. I told Lillian we need one of these and she said “Yes. I can use it to ask you where you are and you’ll hear me!!” This child is obsessed with knowing where I am at all times!

Came home and Thomas made a train for he and Lillian to sit on … What Fun!

For dessert tonight, fresh bananas with chocolate sauce and a side of frozen chocolate covered bananas! YUM!!!!


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