Books and Mr. Happy Tree

January 11 2017:

Library day for Team TLC!! Feeling so grateful and blessed by the amazing librarian folks. We’ve been going to this library every 2-3 weeks for the past ten years. They kind of know us!

Thomas and Lillian got to look through the return cart for any wanted books. And we get our pick of which two months in 2018 we would like to have a Team TLC art showing in the small gallery at South Valleys Library. I’m thinking we’ll take May/June 2018.

Library Day 1.11.17


January 13 2017:

It’s been a curious day … So, I’m bringing out Mr. Happy Tree with which to end the day. Lillian created him in 2015. Lillian and I will be deciding in the next two weeks about her first published book.

Should it be a mindfulness themed book with Mr. Happy Tree as narrator, using the “Mindfulness with Animals” series she wrote on her blog? Or a compilation and expansion of her short stories and poems? Or expanding one short story into a longer, deeper story? We are open to wherever this leads …

Thanks Mr. Happy Tree … xoxo

Mr. Happy Tree 2015

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