Romano Duo Visit

May 8 2017:

We look like a blooming flower! Last day for The Romano Duo visit and I get a wee bit of respite.

Thomas and Lillian are off to enjoy swimming and dinner at The Nugget.

How much can I do (or not do) in about six hours? Letting go and finding out …. xoxo

Team TLC and Romano Duo 5.8.17

Respite: Twas a ride for sure!! I already knew I was going to stay home as I haven’t had the place to myself in a year and a half. So …. did a wee bit of yoga, sobbed and released, read, sobbed and released, wrote a poem, sobbed and released. I truly know how to party hardy!! HA!

It was a full day of much connecting and releasing. I even released in my sleep that night too!

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