Romano Duo Delivers Gifts Delivered With a Peppermint Phone

December 24 2020

The Romano Duo and Robert delivered our gifts today, and picked up their gifts from us. We will spend about an hour on Zoom tomorrow with them, opening gifts, and sharing. ❤️🎄💚

December 24 2020

At about the exact time that my phone decided that it could not hold a charge unless it stayed connected to the charger, I received a text from a friend asking if any of us needed a new, previously used, phone. Thank you so much Kimberly!!! 🙏💜💜💜🙏

Bonus!! She threw in some of the CBD tea that I absolutely love, and buttons from her mom’s button stash. She knew these were meant for me. I am blessed to have these mementos of your mom, Kimberly. She was a blessing to all!! ❤️❤️❤️

December 24 2020

Have to show off this super cute bowl my mom made!! It’s made out of peppermints!! So cool!! ❤️🤍❤️🤍❤️🤍

January 1 2021

I shared what my mom made me for Christmas. Forgot to share what Frank made. Awesome and adorable!! ❤️💚❤️💚

Romano Duo Visit

May 8 2017:

We look like a blooming flower! Last day for The Romano Duo visit and I get a wee bit of respite.

Thomas and Lillian are off to enjoy swimming and dinner at The Nugget.

How much can I do (or not do) in about six hours? Letting go and finding out …. xoxo

Team TLC and Romano Duo 5.8.17

Respite: Twas a ride for sure!! I already knew I was going to stay home as I haven’t had the place to myself in a year and a half. So …. did a wee bit of yoga, sobbed and released, read, sobbed and released, wrote a poem, sobbed and released. I truly know how to party hardy!! HA!

It was a full day of much connecting and releasing. I even released in my sleep that night too!