Book Review: The Surrender Experiment

July 8 2017:

The Surrender Experiment – my journey into life’s perfection

I first read, The Untethered Soul, by this same author. I’ve since read this book twice, as well as Untethered Soul.

These were both powerful books for me. Yet, I’ll focus on this one for these comments.

True story of what happened to one man who let go of his personal preferences and simply surrendered to life, saying yes to what life presented to him. Incredibly radical way to live one’s life. A powerful story of removing oneself from the constant chatter of one’s personal preferences and accepting the present moments with a “yes”.

One would think this would lead to a miserable, unhappy life. Yet, that’s not the case for Michael Singer. The first time I read this book, I read it in one day during an entire sitting; only getting up to use the bathroom and fix food for Team TLC.

Powerful, radical, life shifting …. xoxo

The Surrender Experiment Book 2017

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