Unpacking So We Can Start Packing

July 17 2017:

Unpacking the suitcase today. For tomorrow, it’s the start of packing to move.

I know not where we’re headed, yet, I have faith and knowing that come August 19th, I will know and it will be crystal clear … Surrendering and saying “Yes” to Life with a heart full of gratitude and love …

Let me know if you know anyone needing a solid wood queen size sleigh bed frame as this was it’s last stop with me. Time to let it go and allow myself more freedom from stuff … xoxo

Letting go of personal preferences and what I think and thought I wanted so that Life gives me the opportunities to say “Yes” to what my Heart and the Divine already know … Gives let it go a whole new meaning …

One moment in trust and surrender …. one moment not. Praying for more of the first. Tomorrow, July 19th, is the day I need to turn in our 30 day notice. Will definitely need strength, peace, and knowing that all is well.

**Update on 8.3.17** – I did turn in our 30 Day Notice and we move on the 18th or 19th of August. As of right now I don’t know where we will be moving. I will share as I know.

Book Review: The Surrender Experiment

July 8 2017:

The Surrender Experiment – my journey into life’s perfection

I first read, The Untethered Soul, by this same author. I’ve since read this book twice, as well as Untethered Soul.

These were both powerful books for me. Yet, I’ll focus on this one for these comments.

True story of what happened to one man who let go of his personal preferences and simply surrendered to life, saying yes to what life presented to him. Incredibly radical way to live one’s life. A powerful story of removing oneself from the constant chatter of one’s personal preferences and accepting the present moments with a “yes”.

One would think this would lead to a miserable, unhappy life. Yet, that’s not the case for Michael Singer. The first time I read this book, I read it in one day during an entire sitting; only getting up to use the bathroom and fix food for Team TLC.

Powerful, radical, life shifting …. xoxo

The Surrender Experiment Book 2017