Unpacking So We Can Start Packing

July 17 2017:

Unpacking the suitcase today. For tomorrow, it’s the start of packing to move.

I know not where we’re headed, yet, I have faith and knowing that come August 19th, I will know and it will be crystal clear … Surrendering and saying “Yes” to Life with a heart full of gratitude and love …

Let me know if you know anyone needing a solid wood queen size sleigh bed frame as this was it’s last stop with me. Time to let it go and allow myself more freedom from stuff … xoxo

Letting go of personal preferences and what I think and thought I wanted so that Life gives me the opportunities to say “Yes” to what my Heart and the Divine already know … Gives let it go a whole new meaning …

One moment in trust and surrender …. one moment not. Praying for more of the first. Tomorrow, July 19th, is the day I need to turn in our 30 day notice. Will definitely need strength, peace, and knowing that all is well.

**Update on 8.3.17** – I did turn in our 30 Day Notice and we move on the 18th or 19th of August. As of right now I don’t know where we will be moving. I will share as I know.

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