Apple Named Calm Sparkle by Lillian Darnell

October 21 2017:

Editing mode again and this one spoke to be shared. It’s from the “Emotions” section of the book. (Less than half the book remaining to edit!)

Apple Named Calm Sparkle

Hey, everyone! Are you wondering who is Calm Sparkle? If you answered yes, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to find out.

Once there lived a small apple whose name was Calamity. The apple didn’t know how to say Calamity but she was able to say,”Calm Sparkle.” So her name was shortened to Calm S.

True to her name, she grew to be a big calm sparkly apple. One day, she didn’t seem so calm. She explained,”I’m just anxious to see my relatives. The last time I saw them was when I was a small applet.”

So as time went on, she wasn’t calm at all. After her relatives left, she admitted she outgrown her calmness. The apple asked for help and everyone tried to help.

One spring morning, she felt unusually calm. She suddenly realized her calmness had returned. When she announced her calmness had returned, everyone clapped and cheered.

To this day forward, she can be found in everyone’s heart. She might be hiding or showing her calmness to your inner self.

(14 years old – June 2016)

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Handdrawn Apple Lillian 2017

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