What is Emotional Connection


October 21 2015:

What is emotional connection?

First, it is acceptance that negative emotions and discomfort are a part of us. Not running from them, squashing them with positivity, or feeling a failure for having them. Then it is connecting with the physical feeling negative emotions create within the body. Here’s an example:

As the morning progressed I found myself getting more and more irritated between running behind, Thomas’ teasing of Lillian and general mouthiness, Lillian’s non-stop complaining of aches and pains, and their arguing. By the time we left I was yelling at them.

After I got Lillian to physical therapy, I sat down in the car, looked at email and there was this e-card I had just received. It was the “snap” I needed to remind myself to connect with this irritation. I closed my eyes and focused on the physical sensations. My teeth were clenched, my jaws tight, neck and shoulders were tight.

As I focused on those, they gently released and I felt two pangs of pain in my heart. I focused on that and it released as well. Then it jumped back into my jaws and neck. I focused in that area once again and it released and I let out a big sigh. It has almost completely lifted now.

This took about 5 – 10 minutes. Sometimes it’s quicker. Sometimes longer. And sometimes it takes several sessions. It has been an interesting journey breaking the habit of wanting to analyze the emotion instead of feeling it. I’m extremely grateful and blessed to have learned this technique.

In times like this, I also ask to see things differently and ask for signs or clues to help me do this. I always receive exactly what was needed. If we don’t ask, how will we receive? I received the e-card, an email with the title, “Flying Off the Handle”, and the section of the book I’m currently reading spoke to this.

I had sent a “Thank you for thanking me” message to the sender of the e-card. She sent back a reply with another perfect message. For you, that this post speaks to, I’m sending oceans of love, hugs, and support. xoxo (Thank you again to the sweet friend who listened when she was urged to send the e-card!)

Heart Hugs Card 10.21.15

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