I’ve Been a Crazy Wild One for Years – HA


November 9 2012:

Just in case anybody else needs to know this …

This house has a built in sprinkler system and hanging in the garage is some type of long handle thingy that is supposed to be used to turn the sprinklers on and off. Well … I have found that this can also be used to unplug the shower drain!! Works perfect!

Unscrew the drain lid, stick the handle thingy in as far as it goes, twist it, pull it out with a gigantic ball of icky hair stuff and you’ve just unplugged the drain! YAY!! Mine happened to have chunks of glass too …. One of the glass shower panels mysteriously shattered this past week. Had fun taking a shower with my aqua sock shoes on this morning so I didn’t get tiny bits of glass in my feet!!!! There ya go!!

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