Connect with the Aches and Pains and Be Surprised


November 21 2015:

So grateful for the young man I get to call my son. Lillian and I have been down with a cold. I went to bed at 6:30 last night. He came into the bedroom and told me this house just isn’t a home without me in the living room with them. Then he felt my forehead and after checking with a thermometer we saw I had a 100 degree fever. He ran and got an ice pack for me. So extremely blessed!

I had the most interesting experience during the 2 hours I was resting in the bedroom. Instead of sleeping my thoughts overflowed with a presentation on having a successful mindful business, how to be mindful with customers and clients. It was all so clear, my heart was racing, and I was pumped up to share this wonderful information. I was in front of a huge room of people speaking about this topic with many dear friends who were there to support me.

I kept thinking that I needed to get up and get it all down so I wouldn’t forget; yet my body was so achy and tired. Then I knew I wouldn’t forget it. It’s there and not going anywhere. Now. Who I am supposed to present this too?? HA!

Definitely the MOST interesting sickness I have ever experienced. I chose this time to be with and connect with the aches and pains and ickiness instead of wishing it weren’t there and pushing it away. Very interesting ….

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