Poof! I Finally Know the 2018 Theme Word

January 16 2018:

For the past 4 or 5 years, I’ve had a theme word for the new year. It usually becomes clear some time in December; at least by January 1st, what the theme is to be. Except for this year. I was getting kind of discouraged that it had not come to the surface.

….. Until last weekend …. Poof! There it was! Sign after sign after sign! Talk about chills and goose bumps! Wheeee! Can’t wait to share it. I’ll be writing a blog post about it. Here’s last years … Along with a beautiful rose.

First, I need to finish with Thomas and Lillian’s hand made Christmas gift. I got a bit behind this year! HA! Will share that when I’m done too. I’m done with the writing part; just need to make it into wall art now! Getting caught up is a beautiful thing!! Ahhhhhh …. It’s a bright, bright, sun shiny, pink rose day! xoxo

Hot Pink Flower Rose 2016 Camilla's 2017 Vision Board 1.14.17

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