Why Do Some Kids Not Like Certain Other Kids


November 18 2013:

The other day as I was driving the kids to school, Thomas asked me why some of the kids in his class don’t like certain people because they talk different (are of a different nationality). He said that he likes them. It doesn’t matter to him that they talk differently.

I said I couldn’t explain why and how sad that they feel this way. Then we chatted about our motto .. Different iz Good … We don’t dislike others due to the way they talk, look, dress, smell, or walk. We are all the same. We can certainly choose not to be around a particular person due to their behaviors or attitudes, yet, we can choose to do this silently or with very little words.

This is an up close and personal lesson for me as I know there are classmates that steer clear of Lillian due to her mannerisms and speech difficulties. I truly love the little reminders about life that I get from Thomas by way of questions he asks and his life experiences.

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