Dandelion Has a Question by Camilla Downs

January 8 2018:

This was written last January 2017. It had one section that did not flow through at the time. It did flow this morning. And, now I know why! It had not been experienced yet by the author! Enjoy!!! xoxo

Dandelion Has a Question

One warm sunny day a dandelion was born on Sunshine Hill. From the moment he arrived, he was full of joy and questions. The one question for which he could never seem to know the answer was why he was here, what is he supposed to be doing, and what is his name.

Dandelion was a great helper too. He helped others find answers and things they had lost. He had deep compassion for all beings and for Mother Earth. He was not able to physically help other beings, yet, he used his thoughts and words he shared with others to be of help.

One warm, spring day caterpillar came to dandelion. Caterpillar looked incredibly sad as she approached dandelion half dragging all of her feet. Dandelion asked caterpillar how she was doing. Caterpillar answered she was sad and worried because she looks so different from all the other caterpillars. She’s gotten so tired, she can’t think of anything else other than building a nest and going to sleep. She feels lost and confused and does not know how to be with the changes that are happening in her world.

Dandelion shared with caterpillar that even though she may not …..

Short Story: What is My Name?

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