Spreading Love and Happiness and Kindness


February 26 2014:

Happy Happy Happy Birthday to ME! Thanks to all y’all for the wonderful wishes! I’m starting off my 44th year spreading love, happiness and kindness … with an intention to do this every day either in a small itty bitty way or a big ole huge way … ALWAYS for myself first so that I can overflow with the ooey gooey stuff to share with others!

Who wants to join me in spreading love, happiness and kindness? Who wants to choose to see the good that surrounds us? Who wants to choose to see the good in others? Who wants to choose to see the abundance that surrounds us? Let’s do it!

Here’s a treat I gave myself today: I listened to this wonderful song called “Happy” by the local Reno band, CRVSH. I was fortunate enough to hear and see these amazing guys live a couple of weeks ago (thanks Corinne G Dunn)! Jimmy Crvsh: This is my favorite so far! This song gives me goose bumps all the way to my soul! I hope all y’all take 4 minutes out of your day and give this one a listen. Turn it way up and DANCE! Then spread the happiness and share it with somebody else! Go here … https://crvshmusic.com/music/ .. It’s #15 on the playlist. So much love to all y’all … xoxo

Camilla at Washoe Lake 2014

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