Spreading Love and Happiness and Kindness


February 26 2014:

Happy Happy Happy Birthday to ME! Thanks to all y’all for the wonderful wishes! I’m starting off my 44th year spreading love, happiness and kindness … with an intention to do this every day either in a small itty bitty way or a big ole huge way … ALWAYS for myself first so that I can overflow with the ooey gooey stuff to share with others!

Who wants to join me in spreading love, happiness and kindness? Who wants to choose to see the good that surrounds us? Who wants to choose to see the good in others? Who wants to choose to see the abundance that surrounds us? Let’s do it!

Here’s a treat I gave myself today: I listened to this wonderful song called “Happy” by the local Reno band, CRVSH. I was fortunate enough to hear and see these amazing guys live a couple of weeks ago (thanks Corinne G Dunn)! Jimmy Crvsh: This is my favorite so far! This song gives me goose bumps all the way to my soul! I hope all y’all take 4 minutes out of your day and give this one a listen. Turn it way up and DANCE! Then spread the happiness and share it with somebody else! Go here … https://crvshmusic.com/music/ .. It’s #15 on the playlist. So much love to all y’all … xoxo

Camilla at Washoe Lake 2014

The Art Show Trees Produce and Spreading Loving Kindness and Deeply True to His Heart

October 9 2017:

Wonderful solo afternoon walk. These trees. Just love the art show they produce.

I had such a feel good time in the grocery store this morning spreading loving kindness.

Ran into a friend and shared hugs and yummy conversation, got some items off the top shelf for another shopper, and while in line suggested a book to another customer and the cashier.

Plus, came home with good food. Having good food in the fridge and pantry just feels good. Incredibly grateful for natures beauty, the food nature provides, and days like these.

Solo Walk Vintage Lake Fall Trees 10.8.17

October 13 2017:

Walk with Thomas a couple weeks ago. I am so incredibly blessed by this one who is deeply true to his heart. Thank you nature for another wonderful and heartfull walk.

Walk with Thomas and Camilla Vintage Lake 9.29.17 #1 Walk with Thomas and Camilla Vintage Lake 9.29.17 #2 Walk with Thomas and Camilla Vintage Lake 9.29.17 #3 Walk with Thomas and Camilla Vintage Lake 9.29.17 #4

Happiness is Kind People


February 11 2012:

Making entries in my happiness journal before going to sleep and just had to share this one . . .

Happiness is kind people. Happiness is the man in the grocery store who directed Thomas and I to a shorter line. I was not in a hurry and Thomas and I were happily talking to one another and being patient. Then the kind man in front of us asked us to go ahead of him. AND, when I turned to thank him once again, he smiled and blessed me.

Happiness is kind people and being kind to others spreads happiness . . .

Heart in Tree Audrey Harris Park 2012

Post Office Gift by Camilla Downs

November 18 2016:


The Post Office Gift

As Paige entered the post office she was greeted with a line extending nearly to the door. Internally she breathed a sigh of relief knowing she would be using the self-serve kiosk. With only one person waiting ahead of her, she contentedly stepped in line behind him.

He turned to face Paige and with contempt said, “It may be awhile. This lady is having problems. She’s been up there for ten minutes.” He was referring to the customer using the kiosk. Paige spent a few seconds taking in the situation.

The woman at the kiosk seemed to be looking for something and holding her arms up in confusion. Paige could sense the woman’s overwhelmed feelings penetrating the already flat energy within the foyer.

Without hesitation, Paige approached the woman and asked, “Can I help you?” With a slight hint of desperation the woman said, “I can’t find my postage.” Having used the self-serve kiosk an absurd number of times over the years, Paige had become intimately familiar with it.

She knew exactly where the postage was dispensed. If you’ve never used the kiosk before, you wouldn’t know that you cannot visually see the postage once dispensed. One must bend down, placing one’s hand inside the dispenser box to pull the postage from the dispenser. It does not release and drop on its own.

The woman was quit relieved and delightedly thankful. She moved on and the long waiting, irritated man moved forward to take his turn. His frustrations mounted so that he could not get his credit card to work in the card slot.

Paige gently approached and asked, “Can I help you?” He pushed his card towards her and said, “Sure, give it a try.” The card once again did not work, yet, most likely due to having been tried repetitively. Paige felt he simply needed to go back one step and come around again to the payment screen, yet, his frustrations had grown too large for his patience.

After confusingly hesitating a couple of times to thank Paige for her help, the man decided to leave. He seemed to be torn as to whether to throw in the towel, expressing his thanks, and giving it another try.

Paige felt a wave of peace and compassion flow into her entire being as she knew in another time, another place, she had stood in both the man’s and the woman’s shoes.

She was also aware of times in the past when she had been deeply lost in her own thoughts and worries; times when she didn’t even notice that another being was in need of help.

After getting her packages posted, she departed with a joyful, peaceful heart with the hopes that anyone watching was inspired to spread loving kindness in their own way and their own time.

2016 Camilla Downs