Will You Spread More Loving Kindness in 2018


December 31 2014:

On this last day of 2014, thought I’d share a beautiful act of loving-kindness I was fortunate to witness on Monday. I took Thomas to Target to use the $5 gift card he received as being a part of the giving tree at school. We were on a mission to get him some much needed new socks! After getting a shiny new package of 12 pairs of beautiful white socks, we were walking to the car and passed by an elderly gentleman who had mistakenly driven his vehicle down the pedestrian sidewalk in the middle of the parking lot. He was parked at the end and, I’m assuming, was confused why we, and others, were walking towards him and beside his vehicle and why the “lane” he was in had ended.

After we got past him and made a left in the narrow pedestrian exit, the gentleman tried to exit his vehicle the same way. In the process of this, he rammed the front right bumper into the cart stall. My response was something like, “Oh my gosh!”

A beautiful, kind-hearted good samaritan had the presence of mind to walk over to the gentleman to see if he needed assistance. The elderly gentleman was really quite confused as to why he couldn’t exit the way we pedestrians had. The good samaritan gently kept explaining that there wasn’t enough clearance and that he’d have to back out the way he came.

Mr. Good Sam stayed with the elderly man for 10 minutes or longer, talking him through backing out. He stood right there next to the window and walked him every inch of the way out of the pedestrian walkway. It took me that long to figure out how to get out of this monstrous parking lot I was trapped in.

As I drove by on the street side, they had reached the end of the pedestrian walkway and it was time for the elderly man to back into the actual parking lot with cars going by in both directions. My heart went out to both of them as I drove off.

You see, I needed to witness this act of loving-kindness to help me to remember to have an attitude of gratitude. I haven’t been inside a Target since 2006 so I had no idea about the prices. The entire time we were looking at socks, I was complaining about the high prices. Upon reflection, I could have caught myself and focused on feelings of gratitude for Thomas receiving a gift card in the first place. I realized when writing in my journal Tuesday morning that I was meant to witness this and not be the one helping.

I’m grateful I got to witness one soul helping another, grateful that the good samaritan helped that man, and grateful for loving-kindness … Pass on some loving-kindness today. You never know how far it will reach … Happy, Love-Filled New Year to YOU! xoxo

The Little Giving Tree that Gave Twice


December 19 2014:

The school secretary had a little giving tree on her desk with tags which read, boy or girl and an age. Thomas jumped in the car a few weeks ago and said he wanted to take one of the tags and he’d use his own money to buy a gift. We did that and had fun choosing something.

A couple of days ago I received a message that Thomas and Lillian had been chosen to be included on the giving tree and there were gifts for them. Not only did I leave with tons of food subbing every day this past week, I left with gifts for Thomas and Lillian …. So blessed and grateful!

The little giving tree that gave twice! Gave happiness to Thomas by helping him to be kind and gave to Thomas and Lillian with a surprise!

The Art Show Trees Produce and Spreading Loving Kindness and Deeply True to His Heart

October 9 2017:

Wonderful solo afternoon walk. These trees. Just love the art show they produce.

I had such a feel good time in the grocery store this morning spreading loving kindness.

Ran into a friend and shared hugs and yummy conversation, got some items off the top shelf for another shopper, and while in line suggested a book to another customer and the cashier.

Plus, came home with good food. Having good food in the fridge and pantry just feels good. Incredibly grateful for natures beauty, the food nature provides, and days like these.

Solo Walk Vintage Lake Fall Trees 10.8.17

October 13 2017:

Walk with Thomas a couple weeks ago. I am so incredibly blessed by this one who is deeply true to his heart. Thank you nature for another wonderful and heartfull walk.

Walk with Thomas and Camilla Vintage Lake 9.29.17 #1 Walk with Thomas and Camilla Vintage Lake 9.29.17 #2 Walk with Thomas and Camilla Vintage Lake 9.29.17 #3 Walk with Thomas and Camilla Vintage Lake 9.29.17 #4

One Way to Share Loving Kindness


February 28 2014:

Thomas and I were in the post office a couple of days before Valentine’s Day. The lady in front of me asked a question about Thomas and we began to chat about Valentine’s Day.

She shared that her four legged friends are her valentine’s. I shared with her that we try to show love every day and don’t wait for a designated holiday to do this. We shared smiles, giggles and little pieces of ourselves.

She enjoyed Thomas and I and insisted we go in front of her. Sharing kindness and love … every day, every where we go … Here’s wishing this inspires you to do the same!! xoxo


What if They Don’t Want It


February 6 2013:

One day not long ago, Thomas asked, “What if someone throws away the anonymous HappY Message we left for them?”

I told him we can’t control what people do with kindness after we share it with them and we don’t want to let that stop us from spreading happYness and kindness.

Keep on spreading it as you feel moved …

Thomas Upside Down July 2012