Do You Act When Moved to Share Kindness


November 12 2013:

Around the time of Thomas’ birthday he so gently asked if he could have an ice cream cone as a birthday treat while we waited for Lillian to finish her therapies. I reminded him we had ice cream at home and that he could have some. He said, “Okay, that sounds good.”

Lillian’s therapy center is only seconds from the fast food place that has soft serve ice cream. After I parked, I filled my mind with thoughts of abundance and generosity and changed my mind. After all, it was only a $1 cone.

As I turned into the parking lot a homeless person was sitting on the curb. In addition to ordering the ice cream for Thomas, I ordered a chicken burger. At least, I think it was me. I felt an overwhelming urge to order that burger and give it to the person we had just passed.

I had Thomas hand it to him as we pulled next to him. I have NEVER done this before. The man thanked us many times.

As we drove off, I told Thomas that it doesn’t matter the reason that man is sitting there or even if he is really homeless. I felt moved to share kindness and I did. I was going to use that money to attend the Dr. Temple Grandin lecture on Thursday night. This felt more powerful and important.

I explained that we never want to NOT share kindness due to judgment of another or for fear that our kindness will not be well received. Once we perform an act of kindness it’s really no longer our business. I’m sure Thomas will remind me of this beautiful moment just when I need it most. Here’s a picture of him with the ice cream on that day … 11.12.13 … He even shared some with me! xoxo

Thomas with Ice Cream Cone 12.12.13

I Sat Reading a Book and Ended Up Receiving and Sharing Kindness


December 21 2012:

I sat reading a book in the coffee shop this morning while waiting on my friend to arrive. I got up to move to a smaller table and a man sitting nearby said, “I like your boots”. So we started chatting about boots and he showed me his boots. We talked about boots with leather bottoms and boots with rubber bottoms.

He’s got 5 days off and is visiting from Elko, Nevada. He works for one of the mining companies in Elko. I learned about this huge truck he drives that has a 12,000 gallon tank and how the tank gets filled and what happens when it’s being filled. He works 4 days on and 5 off and then 5 on and 4 off. He’s going to an end of the world party tonight!

I learned that he likes Harley motorcycles and boots and about the Harley he’s about to purchase so he can take trips on it. This one has waterproof storage. Says he’s gonna take a trip on it this summer down to Arizona to see his brother and ride through the Grand Canyon on the way.

He likes to write so he is going to journal his trip. I shared how I thought that was a GREAT idea. He likes to write letters “the old fashioned way”, put a stamp on them and mail them. He likes to read too. So I shared how I like to write and read also and that I had just written and published a book.

His name is Paul. He bought one of my books, is going to read it and then give to his sister who is a school teacher in Winnemucca. I did not know him, He did not know me. Now we know each other and now you know about him too!!

All this while I was waiting for my friend to show up. I could have just said “Thank You” when he complimented my boots and went back to reading my book. The old me would have. I sure hope I enriched his life. I know he enriched mine by letting me listen and learn about him.

Realize and Eventually


November 4 2013:

Last Friday morning Thomas told me that he feels guilty about all the stuff people give to him. I asked him what kinds of stuff he was talking about and as an example he said all the things he got at the chromosome 18 conference like the blow up guitar. He said that then there wasn’t enough for everyone else.

I explained to him that if people give him something it’s because they want to and we should let ourself feel happy about it. Also that this is a world of abundance and just because he is given something doesn’t mean that there’s not enough for others. He asked why there are people who have nothing if this is the case.

I told him they just haven’t realized this yet … some eventually figure it out …. and some never do … (Great reminder for this Mama too as I navigate the “realizing” and “eventually” part!!) Tons of hugs to all y’all! xoxo

Solutions in the Form of Loving Kindness


October 8 2015:

Picked out some fun pumpkins for our patio yesterday. As I was rearranging things on the patio last night, I found this little plastic pumpkin. I thought to myself, “It’s time to pass you on.” I’ve been toting two of these around in the Halloween decorations for at least 4 years and have not used them. It opens so to put candy goodies inside.

A few minutes later, little eight-year-old Sophia from upstairs walked by with her mom and grandma. I could hear her saying with such longing how much she wanted a pumpkin. Little pumpkin now has a new home with Ms. Sophia. I love when solutions in the form of loving kindness say, “Here I am.” xoxoxo

Choosing Pumpkins 10.8.17 #1 Choosing Pumpkins 10.8.17 #2

One Beautiful Kind Loving Gesture

August 25 2017:
Dragon and Angel Wings and Bird Wings Vintage Lake May 2017

One, beautiful, kind, loving gesture. If you have the opportunity to share loving kindness with someone, I beg of you to do it.

You never know what they carry on their shoulders and your act could be the one thing that offers them much needed relief; before they explode or implode. And also restores their faith and knowing in themselves and others.

Someone saying, “yes” to you when it’s been a month of “No” and negative events. That just happened this afternoon. It landed on …. Go here to read more …

How to Share Loving Kindness