Realize and Eventually


November 4 2013:

Last Friday morning Thomas told me that he feels guilty about all the stuff people give to him. I asked him what kinds of stuff he was talking about and as an example he said all the things he got at the chromosome 18 conference like the blow up guitar. He said that then there wasn’t enough for everyone else.

I explained to him that if people give him something it’s because they want to and we should let ourself feel happy about it. Also that this is a world of abundance and just because he is given something doesn’t mean that there’s not enough for others. He asked why there are people who have nothing if this is the case.

I told him they just haven’t realized this yet … some eventually figure it out …. and some never do … (Great reminder for this Mama too as I navigate the “realizing” and “eventually” part!!) Tons of hugs to all y’all! xoxo

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