Throwback Post: Lillian’s Idea of a Christmas Miracle


December 22 2013:

Lillian’s idea of a Christmas miracle:

Thursday night as I was tucking her into bed, I didn’t feel good. I also didn’t feel like telling her a “life story”. She likes to hear little snippets about my life before she goes to sleep every night. I suggested I share a story that had happened that day.

I told her I went into a store after dropping them off at school. I stuck a kindness card we made into my jacket. We leave them wherever we go. As I was walking down one of the aisles it fell out of my jacket. I noticed after a couple of steps and turned around to pick it up. Then I realized no one was on this entire long aisle with me, the week before Christmas, in a crowded store, I was alone on this big ole aisle.

I told Lillian it landed right side up and that was where it was supposed to land for just the right person to find it, so I left it there. Lillian giggled and said, “A Christmas Miracle”. I giggled too as I had certainly not thought of it that way! Perhaps it was the perfect message that someone needed to come across at the exact moment in time that they “found” it.

Latest News: Impulsive Kindness – Do It

December 10 2022

You know those times when you impulsively do something kind and then afterward you question yourself. Thinking that what you did was stupid, and may be received as creepy. Please try to allow the doubt to move on through. It’s just a lie. Do the kind things. Gotta go. My eyes are leaking liquid love. ❤️❤️❤️

That Customer Just Needs Some Love


December 22 2012:

Y’all don’t forget that the customers can hear inside the bank when you are outside using the drive through!! No worries … this is a FEEL GOOD post.

I was in the bank yesterday and overheard a customer being grumpy about having to show her driver’s license to cash a check as the teller was new and didn’t know her yet. I smiled at the young lady helping me and said “That customer just needs some love and kindness.”

The bank employee helping Ms. Grumpy continued to be kind and apologize for the inconvenience. Ms. Grumpy sent over her DL and the teller cashed her check. When the teller sent the money out, Ms. Grumpy apologized for being grumpy. The two chatted happily about what each of them were cooking for the holidays and off Ms. Grumpy went .. EXCEPT, she had left behind Ms. Grumpy and drove away Ms. HappY …

I looked at the teller helping me and said, “See, she just needed some love.” I left HappY and both tellers were happy and smiling too!

We Cannot Control Others Responses to Our Acts Of Kindness


October 22 2013:

My words to Thomas as we had our nightly pre-bed time chat ..

“We cannot control what people do with kindness once we share it with them. If we use our time thinking and wondering why they responded in a certain way or why they weren’t honest with us, we have missed the opportunity to enjoy those moments and will never get them back. I told him I know this is a hard one as I still struggle with remembering this at times too. Told him how much I loved him and that I don’t want him to EVER forget how awesome he is” ….

Fairy Princess Lillian had a melt down tonight. After that, Thomas was trying to be helpful. He took Lillian’s pillows off her bed for her and stacked them so beautifully at the foot of her bed … just like she does. She has some kind of singing ritual she does when taking them off and he didn’t do that part. She was upset with him and he was sad that she didn’t appreciate his help.

I gave Lillian a suggestion for handling the situation differently next time. Suggested she thank Thomas for his help and after he had gone to bed she could re-do the pillow removing ritual. She understood. Poor sweet girl was just tired and those darn missing chromosomes have her lacking in the coping area of life some times …

I’m just so blessed and grateful I get to have these two in my life to learn from and teach and to be a mirror for one another when we need it! xoxo

Solutions in the Form of Loving Kindness


October 8 2015:

Picked out some fun pumpkins for our patio yesterday. As I was rearranging things on the patio last night, I found this little plastic pumpkin. I thought to myself, “It’s time to pass you on.” I’ve been toting two of these around in the Halloween decorations for at least 4 years and have not used them. It opens so to put candy goodies inside.

A few minutes later, little eight-year-old Sophia from upstairs walked by with her mom and grandma. I could hear her saying with such longing how much she wanted a pumpkin. Little pumpkin now has a new home with Ms. Sophia. I love when solutions in the form of loving kindness say, “Here I am.” xoxoxo

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