Throwback Post: Lillian’s Idea of a Christmas Miracle


December 22 2013:

Lillian’s idea of a Christmas miracle:

Thursday night as I was tucking her into bed, I didn’t feel good. I also didn’t feel like telling her a “life story”. She likes to hear little snippets about my life before she goes to sleep every night. I suggested I share a story that had happened that day.

I told her I went into a store after dropping them off at school. I stuck a kindness card we made into my jacket. We leave them wherever we go. As I was walking down one of the aisles it fell out of my jacket. I noticed after a couple of steps and turned around to pick it up. Then I realized no one was on this entire long aisle with me, the week before Christmas, in a crowded store, I was alone on this big ole aisle.

I told Lillian it landed right side up and that was where it was supposed to land for just the right person to find it, so I left it there. Lillian giggled and said, “A Christmas Miracle”. I giggled too as I had certainly not thought of it that way! Perhaps it was the perfect message that someone needed to come across at the exact moment in time that they “found” it.

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