Movie Night: Harvey

March 30 2018:

Team TLC Extra Movie Night – Easter weekend 4 or 5 years ago Thomas and Lillian wanted to watch something with rabbits.

On such short notice this is what I came up with and we’ve watched it every year since! A 6 foot pooka in the form of a rabbit counts right??? Plus, Josephine Hull and James Stewart are phenomenal in this.

Quotes from Elwood P. Dowd (James Stewart) …. “Every day is a perfect day.”

“I always have a wonderful time wherever I am and whoever I’m with.”

“In this world you must be oh so smart or oh so kind. For years I was smart. I recommend kind.”

Thomas says, “I like it a lot and I like watching it every year!”

Lillian skipped watching this year.

Harvey Movie 3.30.18

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